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Because we are a micro-venue, some events are not well suited for our space. No events with DJs, no wedding receptions, and no dances. Other events may be effected by policies restrictions relating to the supervision of children and teens. Please see the following lists to determine if your event would be a good fit for the space.

Best Suited

  • Bridal Showers

  • Baby Showers

  • Graduation Parties (no DJ)

  • Anniversary Parties (no DJ)

  • Corporate Events

  • University Department Events

  • Business Meetings

  • Retirement Parties (no DJ)

  • 40th Birthday Parties or Older (No DJ)

  • Wedding CEREMONIES (no reception)

  • Engagement Parties (No DJ)

Not Well Suited

  • No Wedding Receptions 

  • 1st Birthday Parties

  • Teenage Parties

  • Dance Parties (cannot be booked)

  • Birthday Parties Under age 40

  • Events where over 72 people are expected

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