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Being Resilient When a Pandemic Ruins Your Wedding

Wow. There are not many of us in the event planning industry that have seen anything like this. We are just beginning to see the ripple effects of COVID-19. Natural disasters have affected lives since the beginning of civilization. The difference is, natural disasters typically have a quick beginning and end. Devastation is left, but the rebuild demonstrates hope and the metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel. Pandemics are much more complicated. The length of its effects are unknown, and quite frankly, only a guess by the experts. It's frustrating for us all and devastating for some. It has definitely effected individuals who were in the middle of planning life's most significant events which rely on social gathering.

If you are one of those people, you are not alone. It is okay to be mad. It is okay to cry. But remember, this is beyond your control. So after a good cry, get up and brush yourself off. Think about how you can recover, and still have your bridal shower, bachelor party, and wedding. If you are in a position to think about it, you may actually be luckier than some. has some great advice for those current and upcoming weddings (and events leading up to the wedding) that may be affected by the pandemic. They even include sample letters for guests and responses from readers that may offer some level of comfort. Vault Room's motto, "Life's Riches are Defined by our Experiences," could not be any more true now. Life's events shape our memories and experience. Have hope and dig in. After it is all said and done, and we are on our way back up, you will have one heck of a story to share about your wedding.

See an example of a bride and groom's resiliency through this pandemic here.

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