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3 Unique Alternatives to a Baby Shower After COVID-19

COVID-19 really put a damper on our social parties and events. We couldn't celebrate milestones like we had always dreamed. Maybe you had a baby shower planned that got cancelled.

While weddings and showers were being rescheduled, it is hard to reschedule a baby shower. Try telling both the momma and the baby to "hold on now." It isn't an option. So now, a year later you have a baby, but you didn't get to have your milestone party. Oh sure, people drove by and dropped off gifts while you looked at them through your window and waived. It's not the same. Well . . . guess what? It is time to rethink that shower. Have you heard of a Sip & See? How about a Sprinkle? Or an After-Shower?

Sip & See: This is basically a shower after the baby is born. The concept is the same, except there is one extra guest (or two, or three, please no more than three!). The sip and see is typically casual and may be more of an open house. Although traditionally baby showers were for women, entire families can attend the sip and see. Although gifts aren't required, many guests still bring them.

Sprinkle: Yes, I know you thought this was just a small baby shower (prior to the baby being born). However, a Sprinkle can occur any time. It can even be a small get together for your second, third, or fourth child (and so on, but by then you may be too tired). A Sprinkle is similar to the Sip & See, but the newly arrived guest of honor may not be present. The Sprinkle's focus is still on the mother (or parents). It is typically less casual than the shower. Because the focus is on the parent(s), it is not unusual to see both men and women attending a Sprinkle. As with a Sip & See, gifts may not be required, but are welcomed.

An After-Shower: Okay, so this is made up. What is it? A plain old party, that's what. The baby is born, I missed my shower because of COVID, I don't want to clean my house, and I need a day away party. Get a babysitter, invite your friends, tell them to bring a dish, and rent out Vault Room by Warehouse 29. We promise it will be worth it, and when you are done, you can go home and kiss that beautiful baby (and hopefully take a nap).

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