Vault Room Venue FAQs

Q:  What is the maximum occupancy Vault Room can hold?

A:   Normally 80 people with seated tables and 99 with chairs only.  However, in lieu of social distancing requirements, 50-60 people is ideal if you are needing seated tables.  If planning a reception with a dance floor, or a ceremony and reception with a dance floor you, a guest list of under 50 is recommended. The maximum of 80 will use the entire space.

Q:  Can we bring alcohol?

A:   Yes, providing all liquor codes are adhered to. Contact us for more details.

Q:  What are the table sizes?

A:   Round tables are 60" and rectangle tables are 96". Round tables hold 8 people, and rectangle tables can

hold 10 people.

Q:  Can we bring our own food or use any caterer?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Are there any other fees?

A:  There are no additional fees unless you decide to rent table linens.

Q:  Can we use tape or command strips?

A:   No, but you can use glue dots or sticky tack. Hooks and curtain wire are also installed for the renter's use.

Q:  Does the renter set up tables and chairs and clean up?

A:  Vault Room staff will set up tables and chairs according to a diagram you provide. Vault Room staff will clean

up. You are only required to clean out the items you brought in.

Q: Can we come in early to set up?

A: Rental time should include your set up and tear down time. The hourly rate is for the time you are there.

Q:  What is needed to reserve the room?

A:   A signed agreement and a 20% deposit. We need the agreement to help us keep track of our bookings.



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