Vault Room COVID-19 Safety Information & Precautions for Events

Events hosted by renters are private events wherein guests have been invited to a social gathering, class, or other social event. Guests that attend have accepted that invitation and made a conscious choice to gather. During private events, public walk-ins are not expected.  The events allowed at Vault Room are approved by the Madison County Public Health Department as evidenced in their re-opening phases found here.


Vault Room will follow CDC recommendations. The events at Vault Room are not public gatherings, but private events. 

  • Tables will be set 6 feet apart and have less chairs and it is recommended that families sit in "pods." (normally occurs naturally). 

  • Because of this, we will set tables up in the most efficient and effective manner.

  • We will adhere to CDC business disinfecting guidelines.

  • Hand sanitizer will be placed throughout.

  • Windows can be opened for ventilation.

  • Plexiglass barriers will be available for food tables if requested.

  • It is recommended that people practice social distancing in bathrooms designed for more than one person.

  • It is recommended that people practice social distancing in lines and hallways or primary ingress and egress areas. Markings will be placed on the floor every six feet.

  • The CDC recommends wearing face coverings when unable to social distance.


Ventilation: Good ventilation has been found to be key in slowing the virus spread. In addition to having windows that can be opened, Vault Room has two HVAC systems. Both filter the banquet room air, but also draw in clean air from an empty room. The two systems work together to remove contaminants from the air.


Recommendations for the host to tell guests:

  • Advise guests that feel sick to stay home. We have WiFi available for guests who would like to connect a laptop for virtual viewing.

  • Suggest vulnerable guests wear masks even if they feel healthy.

  • For buffet or potluck style food tables, have one person (wearing a mask & gloves) serve the food as people filter through the buffet line to cut down on everyone touching the same utensils. Place individual utensils and plates on the tables rather than on the buffet to reduce handling. Consider having someone serve grab and go plates at the buffet so that plates are already made. Although people may have food they normally would not choose on their plate, it is not much different than plated meals. Cute grab and go boxes of food may also be an option to consider. Sit down dinner-style is best, but not feasible for all events. 

  • Place condiments on tables (individual packets are best). 

  • Tell guests they will go to the buffet as groups (by tables) and recommend (for people who do not reside in the same household) to keep space between them while waiting in line.